Karen Henderson
Washington's own 
      hometown singer 
            and broadcaster

"A profound transformation of human consciousness is taking place"


- Karen Henderson

Spend Time in the Country

Escape the harsh reminders of the crazy megalopolis and visit the countryside in the beautiful mountains of Rappahannock County, Virginia,
 just 75 miles SW of Washington. D.C.   

Spending time in nature is the quickest way to realize 
Deep Relationship.
In the midst of nature's abundance and awe inspiring energy, ancient wisdom is heard more clearly, without distraction. There are hidden powers within you that will remain dormant and unrealized until you realize you can re-create the world around you

Come invest one hour, one day or more 
in the country 

Overcome your phobia of the natural world 
and enter into Deep Relationship as you learn 
how to ally with plants and animals. 
Your guide will lead you on an adventure of personal discovery that will open your heart to 
a new world filled with possibility  -  
here and now