Karen Henderson
Washington DC's own  
       hometown singer 
                and radio broadcaster

Special Seminars 


"Believe it and you'll see it.

                            Know it and you'll be it!"     

- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

About the MIRACLEMIND Seminar Series:

Following a lifetime of philosophical  and scientific study, Karen developed a process of living in mindful  awareness  that empowers people   

to fulfill their dreams. 

This process  is Miraclemind.


Now available to the public through a three-part Seminar Series,  each level offers  wisdom and techniques for one to  rise above everyday mediocrity  and accomplish remarkable things. 

MIRACLEMIND - The Wonder of Mind Over Matter


PART ONE- Perception and the World Around Us - Awakening to Miracles


PART TWO - The Evolution of Science and the Spirit - One Step Beyond


The Multi-Dimensional Universe 

and the Multi-Dimensional Being -  

Living the Transformation


EGO TO ESSENCE  -  Ancient wisdom points the way to success in all things when we move away from our limiting egos to our divine essence. Gain an entirely new life, one energized with amazing  miracles, one that realizes the impossible is more than possible.


You already possess this skill. The seminar connects you with your true essence and inner power.

THE RIPPLE EFFECT - One drop in a pond reverberates outward to affect all around it.

The same is true in our personal and professional lives. 


Lift your energy to a higher level through understanding and proper usage of the powerful tool at your disposal we call The Ripple Effect.