Karen Henderson
Washington's own 
      hometown singer 
            and broadcaster

Deep Relationship

Every individual is more than what can be perceived, seen, felt or thought. 

You are already in Deep Relationship. Each day you enter into communion with every person on the planet, the food you eat, the air you breathe, and all other things, at every single instant,  whether you are consciously aware of it or not. 

When we realize a Deep Relationship with our soul, and allow  the wisdom that is always there to guide us, our lives shift to ones chock full of amazing coincidences and wonderful synchronicities. 

When we know all consciousness as undifferentiated from ourselves, then all becomes pure in our minds, and we know no duality. 
We are one. 
With everything.

Deep Relationship brings an immersive life change experience that shifts perception of all things and teaches us how to work in accord and harmony with the natural world using ancient wisdom traditions. 

The time for Deep Relationship is here.

It is through Deep Relationship that we discover who we truly are. We are not separate and apart - we are everyone and everything else around us.  From the beginning of time and space, we have evolved to this moment.

Researcher Carl Johann Calleman said, "At a deeper level most of us know that we have an origin in a sacred realm beyond material reality, and this is what our souls help us remember."

We can consciously reconnect with our soul 
through Deep Relationship.

Look, here's the truth of it, and if you get this, you don't need anyone to help you find it:


That all matter

is merely energy

condensed  to a slow vibration


That we are all one consciousness

Experiencing itself subjectively


There is no such thing as death

Life is only a dream


And we’re the imagination of Ourselves


It is through Deep Relationship that the world is being reborn into a new thought process. 
Now we awaken
and realize 
we have a choice. 
The new era makes it easier for us to consciously be aware that we do have a choice. 
Happiness is a choice. Joy is a choice. 
is a choice.

Do you choose serenity? 
Come find out. 
You'll awaken to your potential and be amazed 
at what you've been missing.

And I guarantee you will never go back. 



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