Karen Henderson
Washington's own 
      hometown singer 
            and broadcaster

About Karen

A native Washingtonian, Karen Henderson enjoyed success in the  Washington DC music and radio broadcasting industry for over four decades. A former entertainer, Karen now works as an intuitive with a few special souls 
who can use her help. 

Karen offers an incredible life experience with her lifelong study of ancient wisdom. Her mother was a Gnostic, and Karen was trained from childhood to study and respect every religion and spirit practice as her Air Force family moved around the world. Karen attributes the truth she has absorbed to the miraculous life she leads.

Karen is a graduate of the University of Science and Philosophy at Swannanoa, VA;  a Certified Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition; and holds a Doctor of Divinity Degree by the Universal Life Church Monastery. She has studied deeply within the Christian, Native American, Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and bases her philosophy around these and other ancient truths.

 It is Karen's experience that nothing ever changes and everything will always change. 
And she considers it a distinct privilege to help people deal positively with change.  

Her  gifts, incomparable experience and unique philosophy frame her lifelong study of the parallels between ancient wisdom and modern cosmology and bring a fresh and entertaining insight to both individuals and gatherings. 

Individuals become empowered to 
take charge of life, 
move beyond chronic conditions, 
and expand the bounds of their minds. 

Through years of energetic work with thousands of people, Karen Henderson has shared her lifelong and joyful philosophy 
to awaken hearts and lives 

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