Karen Henderson

She was Washington D.C.'s popular hometown vocalist, entertainer 


WMAL & ABC radio personality 

for over four decades. 

Now, as an intuitive coach, teacher, 

and ordained minister,

 Karen helps people 

awaken and


to enter a Deep Relationship 

with Sp


the world around them, 

and ultimately 

the Almighty Intelligence 

that cannot be named.



Blissful and inspiring, 

spiritual visionary Karen Henderson 

combines an uncanny intuition 

with an innate and certain knowing. 

Her  incomparable life experience and unique philosophy frame a lifelong study of the parallels uniting ancient wisdom and modern cosmology, 

bringing a fresh and entertaining insight to  individuals and gatherings. 

Individuals are empowered to take charge 
of their lives, overcome their chronic conditions, 
and to go past the bounds of their minds. 

Through years of energetic work with thousands of people, Karen Henderson shares her lifelong and joyful philosophy to awaken hearts and lives... 

to a new life you can ultimately have. 

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