Karen Henderson

She was Washington D.C.'s popular hometown entertainer 


WMAL & ABC radio personality 

for over four decades. 


 Karen reminds people to 


to  the Deep Relationship 

they can find

with the world around them 


Is the world going crazy or is it only me? 

Each day, the pressure on us mounts, and we may feel burdened and unable to handle it all. 

Politics, technology, aggressive  situations, emotional  challenges,  threatening earth changes, health problems, fear of the unknown...there is so much distraction incoming from every direction, 
that we are no longer paying attention to the real stuff 
the real things which matter 
in our place in the universe. 

And which honors the real reason we are here. 


          Karen's experience and unique philosophy frame a lifelong study of the parallels uniting ancient wisdom and modern cosmology 

She believes individuals can become empowered to take charge of Life, 
move more easily through chronic conditions, 
and recognize and dissolve the constricting bounds of distraction that can make us unhappy 

and realize the everyday miracles we are given.

Karen communicates a message through her magnificent and recognizable voice, whether speaking or singing. Along with her presentations, Karen has also worked closely with  dignitaries in the  business industry as a vocal and speech coach

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